Off to Michigan in a few hours for the weekend!

Excited to see my fam, especially the little nugget with me in the picture below : )

NYTimes Q&A with Katia Kuethe

Katia Kuethe recently joined Kate Spade New York as the new senior director of creative following 2 years at Teen Vogue and past partnerships with Tom Ford, JCrew, YSL and Gucci – quite the resume, huh? The Times interviewed her last week and it seems like some exciting things may start happening this Fall – can’t wait to see! When asked about the Kate Spade consumer, Katie responded:

“There’s always a wink. She never takes things too seriously.”

sounds familiar…   ; )

(read the article here!)

Oh Rufus

Apparently Rufus felt a little left out of my dog nose post – I am sorry, lovey! My mom sent me the gentle reminder below, plus a picture of my handsome pup. I know, I know, you can’t count the little circles of cuteness on his pupnose, but I trust you can imagine what a wonderful nose this little boy’s got. Love you Rufus! (& Mom!)

Never Leave Home Without…

My two most recent makeup obsessions are Chanel’s Inimitable Intense Mascara in Black and Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Flirt. I’ve always been a mascara aficionado, but Chanel just recently jumped to the top of my list of favorites. Don’t worry Dior, I still start my lash regimen with Diorshow Maximizer, but I just can’t get enough of Chanel these days. Always a mascara lover, but I only really discovered the world of lipstick after spending a year in cosmetics and now I always have one (or two or three) in my bag. My latest purchase, and new daily go-to, is Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt – a perfect summer coral and sheer enough that I can apply (and reapply) on-the-go without a mirror. Merci, Chanel, for these two must-haves.

MandaCooks: Summer Salad

Today my dad, Carolann and Robbie drove into the city for a summer barbeque on Dana’s roof deck in Long Island City. This was the perfect excuse to pull out a recipe that I’ve had on my back-burner for a few weeks, ever since I saw it here. It features some of summer’s best produce: tomatoes, corn and peaches. So after my (way too) early run this morning, I picked up ingredients from the Stuy Town farmer’s market and chopped away. Add a bit of feta and some homemade breadcrumbs/croutons (because I was too lazy to pull out my food processor) and you’ve got the ultimate summer salad. If you get fresh and local produce, I guarantee that the flavors will be bold enough that you won’t even realize that there isn’t dressing – or even salt and pepper! A definite go-to. (Original recipe here.)

Oh Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are one of my favorite things about this season – 1pm comes so quickly and the day is over before you know it. On most Summer Fridays, I bee-line right back to bed and take a long afternoon nap. New York is cool and rainy today so I was able to turn off my a/c and nap with my windows open – after days of temperatures in the 90s, a fresh air nap was wonderful. Before napping, I made two quick pit-stops: first stop to buy myself a dozen roses and second to buy myself two mini cannolis from my favorite neighborhood bakery. I may or may not have called my cannolis “lunch” and had them in bed…but you can’t prove anything! Happy (Summer!) Friday <3



Dog Noses

There is something about dog noses that I simply cannot handle. Those tiny little circles are just too cute. Also pretty cool that a dog’s nose can be used as an indicator for general health… and did you know that when dogs sneeze is usually means they are happy? That’s why Rufus can only handle a belly rub for so long before he sneezes and has to turn over! Three noses below from Fetch, Justice and Koby.

I dream of cheetahs

I spent Friday night and Saturday day in DC with my cheetahs and had such a good time despite the short trip! We spent Saturday at Rachel’s new apartment making dream boards on the floor (not quite moved in yet!) while the puppies napped and played with each other (if they weren’t such cuties we may have gotten mad at them for walking right through our arts and crafts session multiple times…but our fault for doing it on the floor, right?) My dream board ended up being more of a collage of my favorite things rather than my goals and hopes for the future but who couldn’t use a daily reminder of things that make them smile? I’m going to hang it inside my armoir – what a perfect thing to look at every morning!

What mess?

Love these cheetahs <3