Chendra & Gus

The caption to this photo reads: “Chendra, an Asian elephant, comes face to face with Gus, a sea lion, during one of her morning walks at the Oregon Zoo.” A few important things to point out: 1. a baby elephant with peach fuzz hair 2. a sea lion named Gus 3. MORNING WALKS.


Calming Lambs

Do you have any strange anti-anxiety tricks? I had to make a difficult phone call last night so I stared at pictures of baby lambs the whole time. They are one of my favorites, just look at their mouths…

You Have A Beautiful Face

Douglas Huebler, Details from Variable Piece #34, 1970. An accompanying typewritten text reads ‘During November, 1970 forty people were photographed at the instant exactly after the photographer said, “You have a beautiful face.”’


What Now Shark Week?

Yesterday it down poured so I gave myself permission to skip the gym and instead make banana bread and watch some Shark Week. Sharks are kind of gross, but cool I guess. Also, look! One time I went shark diving! See me? And then see that little shark fin in the background? Baller.

Show Me Your Mussels.

I’m pretty into mussels. Mostly because they’re delicious…but also because they’re extremely easy to make but sort of fancy pants at the same time. (I feel similarly about quiche.) Lizzle makes the best spicy-ish mexican-maybe thai-inspired mussels. This was our last homemade meal in Stuy Town before she moved up to New Haven and, according to some research, I think it was one of our first homemade meals in Stuy Town two years ago! How cute is that?! Super cute. Lizzle shares the recipe below.

Prep mussels by rinsing in cold water and pulling off “beards” (seaweed-looking stuff sticking out of some of them). Saute one large or two small minced shallots, one minced/seeded jalapeno, zest of one lime, fresh ginger, and one large or two small cloves of garlic in olive oil until garlic just starts to brown. Add one cup of white wine followed by 2 pounds of mussels. Steam, covered, for 4-6 minutes, or until all mussels are opened. With a slotted spoon, divvy up mussels into serving bowls. Then add one cup of heavy cream, one large diced tomato, juice of one lime, salt & pepper, and a couple handfuls of cilantro to pot with wine, etc. in it. Cook until hot then ladle sauce over mussels and enjoy with crusty bread.

Oh My Baby.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like newborns, stop reading now. Actually, stop reading forever. There is nothing better than a tiny babe sleeping on you…little frog legs, tiny fingernails, baby hair! Aye! I came across this website that I had bookmarked literally years ago (3 to be exact) after my sister sent it to me. Hope you’re sitting down…

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Jemima Kirke & Rafaella

I can’t wait for Season 2 of Girls to start on HBO. In the meantime, I am trying to keep up with all of my favorite Girls via casual internet stalking. Did you know Jemima Kirke is pregnant with her second little one? I do, because Lena Dunham tweeted about. Then I found this site with photos of Jemima and her first baby, Rafaella. Aren’t they sweet? (The site itself is “a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms” … um, obsessed.)

Good Taste, Katie Armour, Good Taste

I’m a big fan of Matchbook Magazine and Katie Armour’s personal blog, The Neotraditionalist. Her latest post features images from Matchbook’s shoot of her old apartment in San Francisco (she became a New Yorker last week!). Purple walls? Blue gingham? Looks just like my bedroom. Cheetah accent pillows are the frosting on the cake – and are now on my wishlist. I must say, Katie Armour has impeccable taste ; )

Kangaroo + Wombat

You know what else runs in my family? Emotional overload when it comes to inter-species cuddling. Dana sent this story to the fam today… These two baby orphans are SHARING A POUCH. Meet Anzac and Peggy, a kangaroo and a wombat, who are now roommates. “Anzac [is] described as very social while Peggy is boisterous and cheeky.” Can’t. Deal.

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New Baby in the Fam

Is dog obsession genetic? Cause it appears to run in my family. Introducing Rocky Veraldi, our new three month old labradoodle. I will be calling him Doodle, obviously.