Show Me Your Mussels.

I’m pretty into mussels. Mostly because they’re delicious…but also because they’re extremely easy to make but sort of fancy pants at the same time. (I feel similarly about quiche.) Lizzle makes the best spicy-ish mexican-maybe thai-inspired mussels. This was our last homemade meal in Stuy Town before she moved up to New Haven and, according to some research, I think it was one of our first homemade meals in Stuy Town two years ago! How cute is that?! Super cute. Lizzle shares the recipe below.

Prep mussels by rinsing in cold water and pulling off “beards” (seaweed-looking stuff sticking out of some of them). Saute one large or two small minced shallots, one minced/seeded jalapeno, zest of one lime, fresh ginger, and one large or two small cloves of garlic in olive oil until garlic just starts to brown. Add one cup of white wine followed by 2 pounds of mussels. Steam, covered, for 4-6 minutes, or until all mussels are opened. With a slotted spoon, divvy up mussels into serving bowls. Then add one cup of heavy cream, one large diced tomato, juice of one lime, salt & pepper, and a couple handfuls of cilantro to pot with wine, etc. in it. Cook until hot then ladle sauce over mussels and enjoy with crusty bread.

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