Yardenny Cooks!

You know what’s great? When my friends cook dinner (requiring little or no effort on my part) and then let me eat it. Nais can whip up an Indian feast in no time, Lizzle makes some mean mussels, and Stina has been churning out some killer salads recently. More to come on all of those – this is Yarden’s time to shine!

Before she left for the West Coast (sad!), Yarden made dinner for me and her little sister. With some time off from work, she took a daytime trip to the farmer’s market and grabbed a bunch of fresh veggies. She made the prettiest beet salad (beets have the best color!) with mandarin oranges and goat cheese and perfect whole wheat pasta with carrots, zucchini, onions and tons of parmesan. Add garlic bread and a glass (or three) or wine and I had myself an amazing meal with even better company.

Yardenny! I miss you and so does New York (it tells me all the time). Sending you lots of hugs and snugs from the East Coast! xo

Oh hey August!

It’s August! And you know what that means…my birthday is just a few (times a few times a few) days away! Hooray! Happy August!