Fall in Michigan

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Michigan visiting family and celebrating homecoming at UofM with my amazing little cousin (who is a senior and not so little anymore) and her very fun friends, plus a lizard. I got to pretend I was in college again for a whole weekend and it was glorious. I also finally got to meet my cousin Katie’s 7 week old baby, Izzy, and she is really just the cutest. However, a Fall trip to Michigan isn’t complete without a stop at the cider mill. Andrea and I made a pit stop on our way home from Ann Arbor Sunday morning and had a romantic breakfast of fresh apple cider and hot donuts (for the record: she had four, I had two). So yeah, I know, the Eagles lost in an extremely close game (that they should have won)… but I’d trade an Eagles win for a weekend in Michigan anytime.

Quinoa Mac & Cheese

Stina, Nais and I have some differences when it comes to favorite foods: Stina is gluten free, I don’t eat meat, and Nais isn’t quite the vegetable fiend. However, two things that we will always agree on are quinoa and cheese. So for dinner on Monday we combined both of them into a gooey, cheesey, baked quinoa mac and cheese. (Plus we had an arugula salad – another thing we agree on, and Nais and I had tomato soup – something that fell only into the Nais/Manda overlap on our ven diagram of food <– yes, we made one. yes, we are nerds.) We used this recipe, and it turned out great (please note that I’m pretty sure we doubled (tripled?!) the cheese… and we obviously arranged tomatoes in a smiley face on the top because why wouldn’t you?) Perfect for dinner and the left overs made the perfect comfort food-ish lunch for the rainy day we had yesterday. I think we’re all pretty happy this one falls into the middle of our diagram : )