Thank Goodness It’s Friday


My, oh my, what a long week this was!


I had friends over to watch the Eagles on Monday – cooked up chili, quinoa mac and cheese, potato skins, naisy’s jalapeno dip, spinach artichoke dip, and a 7 layer football field. Saw Bobby McGrath play on Tuesday. Attended the Christopher and Dana Reeva Foundation Gala on Wednesday (and played in the photo booth). And shuffled down to Philadelphia last night to see my sister’s art in the gallery at my high school (clothesline above!). I slept the whole Amtrak ride back to New York this morning, and am getting happier every minute we get closer to 6 o’clock. Because that means nap time, maybe a strong drink (I think I deserve one), and then dinner. But what’s most exciting is that tomorrow morning my alarm gets to be set for a time that’s after 6am… or maybe even turned off entirely! Cheers to the (freakin) weekend!

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