Has anyone ever been so excited about a bookcase?

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Maybe not! I decided over the weekend that it was time for a bigger bookcase…my little white one was filled, and the piles of dusty books on the floor taunted me daily. (For some reason I just couldn’t pull off any of these alternative “stylish” ways to display books.) I did a quick look on Craigslist and saw an open house that seemed promising. I dragged Christina along and we made away with the bookcase of my dreams (!!), plus a lamp and a coatrack for Stina. Success! Dragging everything home on a wooden dolly was laughable, but we made it without bumping into any humans. Bookcase is so happy in his new home, and adds some warmth to the living room. Christina demanded that I color code the books and I’m obsessed. Books shall be organized color from now on. Forever. Happy girl over here, with a bunch of happy books : )



Have you heard of Mummenschanz? It’s amazing… but hard to describe. Read more here or watch the video below. My Dad took me, my stepmom and my sister to see a performance last night at NYU. If you are in New York, I highly recommend it. You will smile the entire time. : )


Holidays, I <3 You


Photos taken by favorite sister, but these capture my favorite parts of the holidays: family (only brother seen here), dogs (my favorites), and non stop PJ time. <3
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A Pizza Tour? For ME?!

Pizza is one of my most favorite things in the world. Really really really. Little kids often say that pizza is their favorite food but they don’t even know and they don’t really mean it. I really know AND I really mean it. For Chrismakkuh, Bretty surprised me with two passes for Scott’s Pizza Tours. Ahhhhmazing. So yesterday we walked around the city from 11-2 with a group of fellow pizza enthusiasts, lead by the ultimate pizza enthusiast (Scott himself) and ATE PIZZA! Three distinct slices from three different places and omg they were good. We started at Lombardi’s, then snagged and dragged at Forcella’s and ended the tour at Pizza Box. Best present ever from the best BBF.