Gym Bag Dreamin’


I’ve gone to the gym so often the past two weeks and I feel like this sort of behavior should be rewarded (with something other than a glass of wine and/or ice cream…) I’m getting a bit tired of throwing my gym clothes into whatever tote I have handy and think a real gym bag (of the super cute variety) could be just the reward I’m looking for. Christina got me hooked on the Lulu Lemon bag above, so we started a little gym pact: visit the gym 21 times before March 1st, and the bag is ours (that is, we will allow ourselves to spend $150 on a gym bag)! We have a google doc tracking it and everything. In the meantime, I’m browsing around a bit to see what other options there are for my (almost) daily travel companion – it’s hard for me to resist cheetah print and hot pink, so we’ll see.



images 1, 2 and 3

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