Diorific Vernis in Marilyn

photo (26)

My New Year’s Resolution to stop biting my nails is going alright… but instead of biting my nails, I’ve become mildly obsessed with peeling off my nail polish. Maybe that can be my February Resolution (yes, they exist. I just invented them.) Until I get bad nail habit #2 under control, I’ve been giving myself lots of manicures. And by “lots” I mean “daily”. Friday was Essie’s Sure Thing (my favorite go-to this winter), Saturday I threw back to Essie’s Chinchilly (a great neutral) and for Sunday I cracked open my newest polish acquisition — Dior Vernis in Marilyn from their recent holiday collection. Not only is it the perfect winter red, it comes in the cutest little vintage-looking bottle. Even though it’s the newest member of my nail polish collection of 50(+!), I think it’ll become a fast favorite. (And excuse my dry hands in the photo above! Winter has really reared its head in New York these days and the poor hands are suffering.)

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