Manda Cooks: Ice Cream!

photo (27)

Yeah, you read that correctly. I make ice cream now. And….I’m obsessed with it. My mom got me an ice cream maker for my birthday back in August and for some unknown reason, I never took it out of the box. (Thinking of all the ice cream I could have made really does make me sad.) Then! My brother got me an ice cream maker for Christmas, and it just seemed ridiculous to have TWO ice cream makers sitting in their boxes just waiting for me. So I broke out one of the ice cream makers and started churning away. I kicked things off with my favorite: green mint chocolate chip with the help of my ice cream tutor, Christina. Then I attempted frozen yogurt, which tastes just like Pinkberry thankyouverymuch. And last week I made peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream you can see above. It was made with a special pregnant lady in mind, but I managed to keep some leftovers too. Any ice cream is good, but homemade ice cream will really really change your life. Ice cream recipes were based off of this one, and frozen yogurt off of this one.

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