Wishing and Hoping and Thinking…Vday Style


It must be the combination of my last post on recent smitten-ness (is that word?) with gold jewelry plus my favorite holiday approaching (hello, love in the air!), but I’m seeing lovey dovey cuter-than-ever pieces all over the place and I simply cannot get enough.

I was reading this post on Heart Friendship Bracelets (which I will have to attempt) and even though the bracelets are so cute, the little heart ring on the model’s hand caught my eye. It’s just the sweetest and I want it. (There, I said it, I want it!)

And I was totally smitten with the Meira T necklaces on the cover of the Bloomie’s Valentine’s Day mailer. But sigh. The $700 pricepoint is just not justifiable (at least not yet… that comes later in life, right?) Never fear! Bauble Bar saves the day, and their Iced Gold Love Pendant (or XOXO!) will be mine. At $28, it’s a much more justifiable #treatyoself purchase than my last (see pricey, but I-really-needed-them-I-did!, sneakers below.)

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