101 Update

Since I (sort of) celebrated my 100th Post below, I thought it was only appropriate to use my 101st Post to give a 101 in 1001 Days update!

photo (13)

I have crossed four more things off my list starting with #47 Get Another Stamp In My Passport… and I actually got two last month! Both from my (quick!) trips to Italy. I also took the plunge into Bloomingdale’s denim department and #76 Found a New Favorite Pair of Jeans: Citzens of Humanity’s Avedon skinny jeans are my new best friends. I got two different washes and will be going back for the black very soon. Highly recommend these babies, I want to live in them. I don’t know if you noticed… but I #36 Blogged Every Day for 2 Weeks! Go me! I sort of got into a groove, so I’ll try to keep it up. And, last but not least, Brett and I have #37 Kept a Basil Plant Alive for More Than a Month. For real! And he continues to grow strong. Proud mom over here.

So nine down, ninety two to go… bring it!

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