Happy Friday… not.

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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Hard core. I slept through (aka turned off) all of my “go to the gym!” alarms this morning and when I finally did wake up, it was grey outside and I could hear the rain and it was late and ugh. Brett was the unfortunate recipient of my morning whines; our conversation this morning went something like this:

A: baaaaaaaaabeeeee
B: yes??
A: i’m having the worst day everrrr
B: you just woke up…
A: i knowww but it’s just so bad
B: ….
A: baaaaaaaaaabeeeeee

What he was probably thinking was “omg please get over it, stop talking and get in the shower so I can sleep for ten more minutes” but he held his tongue. Love him for that. (Thank you, B!)

It was POURING when we got outside, we had to skip our morning Starbucks run, and then I got to work and my computer was refusing to connect to the internet or the network. Man oh man, life was rough this morning. But then I got some peanut butter into my system, followed by the rest of my iddy biddy chocolate bunnies and, thank goodness, it’s Pizza Friday at work so I just had two slices and things are finally, maybe, starting to look up. My eyes are on the clock, and I only have four things on my to-do list standing between me and the weekend which consists mostly of babies and scrabble (it’s National Scrabble Day tomorow) and naps. Let the countdown begin! I’m ready for this day (and this week) to be long gone.

(On the bright side, it was briefly warm enough to go bare-legged this week, and I did so on Wednesday. Which is what that picture at the top is of… unrelated to this post, yes, but I didn’t really think posting a picture of my grumpy crabby rainy Friday face was the best option.)

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