There’s Just Something About Gold Polka Dots…


That get me a little giddy! When I saw the note-cards above online last year, I simply couldn’t resist. I added them to my cart and had them purchased faster than you can say OnlineShoppingIsDangerouslyEasy. And recently, gold polka dots have been creeping their way back into my life, and I don’t mind it.

Creeping Incident #1: The Case of the DIY Tumblers
Look at this DIY Gold Foil Tumblers and tell me you don’t want to drop everything you are doing, go to Michael’s craft store, and start crafting… I won’t believe you. They’re so freakin cute I need them in my life. (I’m picturing them on shorter glasses, but the tall ones are still presh.) Need.


Creeping Incident #2: The Case of the Up In The Air Somewhere Etsy Shop
Like seriously just hold the phone for a second and take a look at the White and Gold Dot Dish. Major swoon! And, I know this is about polka dots and all but stripes are their best friends and I also need that Gold Zag Tray in my life.


Creeping Incident #3: The Case of the Polka Dot Love Me Print
My sister is the greatest (and coolest, prettiest, smartest) sister around and hooked me up with this Polka Dot Love Me print. Ob.Sessed. It arrived today at work and I can’t wait to bring it home, hang it up, and show it off.


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