Sick Day(s)


I’m not one to catch a bug and be out of commission for two days, but apparently there’s an exception to every rule. I’m on my second sick day right now, and it’s really no fun. My fever comes and goes, but the nose is constantly running, the throat is constantly hurting, and then there are the coughing fits. Oh my. Yesterday I was able to muster enough strength to make a quick batch of vegetable alphabet soup. Brett grabbed the ingredients (he is sick too, but doing a better job of fighting it off than I am…arg), and I made the soup while he napped. I cut up three carrots and three celery stalks, and let them soak and cook in vegetable broth over medium heat until they were softened. Then I let the soup work up to a boil, added alphabet noodles to the mix, and two handfuls of chopped baby kale. We filled our bowls, watched two episodes of Girls, and maybe, just maybe, we felt a little bit better. Brett flew off to Ohio for work, so I’m back at my apartment with my windows open, pillows and blankets piled high, and a nightstand filled with remedies. Hopefully this sickness decides it has had enough of me soon, but until then I’ve got an Elle magazine with my name on it, and a DVR filled with Chelsea Lately and Teen Mom ; )


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