Manda Grows: Plants!

Brett and I are now the proud parents of 9 plants! It all happened very quickly, but we couldn’t be happier ; )


Thursday plant count: one!

A little basil plant that loves its spot by the kitchen window. Growing strong, and smelling delicious.


Friday plant count: one plus four = five!

Following a late lunch at Eataly on Friday (we didn’t have work on Friday and we took full advantage of the day off by doing a bit of day drinking and eating deep fried shitake mushrooms at Eataly’s Birreria), we made a quick stop into Home Depot just because… (just because Home Depot was across the street and we both love Home Depot). Fast forward 30 minutes, and we are walking out with four new houseplants to help brighten up his living room. We re-potted the plants into clay pots, watered the little babies, then placed them in their new homes. Voila! Insta-Spring!!


Saturday plant count: five plus two = seven!

Brett’s parents sent me the cutest Easter surprise: a year of flowers from Red Envelope! It’s a kit that comes with twelve seed packets, and twelve little planting pots. I guess you are supposed to do one plant a month, but I got excited and planted both Marigolds and Baby’s Breath. The seeds should sprout in 7-10 days, so more to come here if all goes well!


Sunday plant count: seven plus two = nine!

A trip to Gram’s house isn’t really complete if you leave empty handed. Gram loves giving things away (“Do you like that? Take it!”) and two plants made it back to New York with us (one of them is technically my sister’s, so plant count will go down to eight at some point, but we are babysitting for now!) Gram said that the plant we took was impossible to kill (which appealed to us), but it looked like it somehow got de-root-capitated during our ride home… uh oh! I tried my best to re-secure the roots in the soil, so hopefully this guy makes a full recovery.

So that’s that! We love our little plants! They are a great addition to Apartment (who we refer to as “Apartment”, not “the apartment” or “Brett’s apartment”) and the perfect way to help usher in the Spring season.

Happy April!


Happy April! (and how right was I about March zooming by?!)

I found a heads up penny on my way to work today, and I’m taking it as a sign that this is going to be a good month! (And yeah, I know, I need a(nother) manicure.)

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about my and Brett’s new plants! How exciting is THAT?! (No, but seriously, they are really cute and you’ll like them.)