Manda Cooks: Blueberry Coffee Cake & Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits

I’ve never attempted biscuits – something about them seems sort of intimidating, no? Well, turns out they are pretty simple, and really delicious.

In addition to planning what bathing suits to pack, books to bring, and what pairs of PJs would make the trip up to the Berkshires, I also planned what I wanted to bake (naturally). I figured we would be eating most breakfasts at the house, so planned a blueberry coffee cake and cheddar jalapeno biscuits. I thought Secret Garden Cake would be perfect for Brett’s dad’s birthday celebration, and also had chocolate chip cookies on the repertoire as another option, especially since we anticipated rain. And then, since a summer vacation isn’t complete without one, a peach and berry cobbler-sort-of-crisp-sort-of-crumble (official name TBD). You never really know what kitchens in rental homes are going to be stocked with, so I measured out all of the dry ingredients at home and brought them with me. Pretty genius, I must admit ; )


One of my favorite features on Joanna Goddard’s blog is when she has other bloggers share their recipes for “The Best ___ You’ll Ever Have” – how’s that for confidence? So, even though I had never made the blueberry coffee cake or the biscuits before, I figured they had to be pretty reliable…and they were!


Moriah and I made the blueberry coffee cake on the first morning, and it was a hit. The cake was moist but crumbly, and not overly sweet so it was perfect for breakfast – even better with a cup of coffee. Plus, blueberries in baked goods just scream summer, so we felt festive too.


Brett and I made biscuits on Saturday morning and, oh my, they were good. We used Joanna’s featured recipe, but substituted jalapenos for chives, and threw some pepper jack in there as well. We didn’t have a biscuit cutter, but found that a wine glass worked just as well : ) The biscuits were buttery, and fluffy, and so so so good warm with some scrambled eggs.



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