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Happy Halloween everyone! Brett and I hosted our second annual Halloween Party last weekend and it was a total success. I was a lady bug, he was teen wolf, and the apartment was completely spook-ified. We kept drinks and sweets simple, which made for (relatively) stress-free party prep and planning. Brett made hot spiked cider (with shrunken apple heads!) and spooky sangria (with eyeballs!) and I made pumpkin cookies, candy corn shaped rice krispie treats, and a brownie graveyard.

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Aside from the standard decorations, I tried a few new ones this year that I saw on Pinterest: vampire mini pumpkins (above on the mantle), ghosts in the graveyard (below) and candy corn paper flags. Plus, I added little plastic spiders to white roses for a creepy touch.

Vampire Mini Pumpkins: Using a sharp knife, carve a rectangle in a mini pumpkin big enough to fit a pair of plastic vampire teeth. Shove the teeth in and draw eyes on — instant vampire pumpkin!

Ghosts in the Graveyard: I used munchkins for this, but if you’re ambitious you could make your own donut holes too. Stick a lollipop stick into the munchkin, then cover with cheesecloth. Tie tightly at the base of the munchkin with string. Cut eyes and a mouth out of black construction paper, and stick them on using a thick mixture of powdered sugar and water (just in case your guests end up eating them!)

Candy Corn Paper Flags: Easy peasy. Cut stripes out of orange, yellow and white paper and glue together, then trim so that it looks like a candy corn! Especially easy if you have a Moriah to help you.

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