Manda Cooks: Truffle Salted Potato and Kale Pancakes


Brett and I are a mini-New Year’s health kick, kinda sorta. We are making more appearances at the gym, and I’m making more of an effort to cook healthier. I saw this recipe on A House in the Hills and immediately moved it to the top of my to-make list, and I made them with my sister for dinner just after the new year. They were so good (and I mean SO good), that I made them again this week. The only edit I made to the recipe was omitting milk altogether – the batch I made with Dana wasn’t quite sticky enough and we ended up adding some flour, but without milk they were just right.


These little pancakes were my first introduction to coconut oil, and I’m hooked! Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits, and the slight coconutty flavor adds another dimension to food. I used it again last night in banana oatmeal bits, which I’ll share tomorrow.

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