Manda Cooks: Bridal Shower Sweets

One of my best friends from high school, Allison, is getting married in June! Allison is my first good friend to walk down the aisle and I’m so excited to be a part of it. A few weeks ago we got together for her bridal shower. I, of course, volunteered to make dessert – I took advantage of the opportunity to try a new cake recipe, and also whipped up some funfetti cake pops, which are always a crowd pleaser.


Although Ina Garten’s Coconut Cake is usually my white-cake go-to, I saw the prettiest Chocolate Chip Cake on Pinterest and decided to give it a try for the bridal shower. My mom and Barry were working on selling their house at the time and, mid-way through mixing together the batter, we ended up having to leave the house for an hour so it could be shown. Eek! The first two layers I made ended up being a little denser and flatter than I was hoping, I think due to the fact that the baking powder reacted while we were gone? In true spazzy Amanda fashion, I decided later that night around midnight that I just **had** to make a third layer. I had to! So that’s what I did. And layer #3 was a fluffier, prettier version of the first two. The next “oops” came when we didn’t have enough powdered sugar in the house to double the frosting recipe… but I made it work, and spread the frosting as thin as possible. Probably a new world record for frosting spreading, or something. Anyway! Hopefully I don’t think either of my oops-es were detectable, because people enjoyed the cake without complaint. It ended up being a denser cake than I wanted (which I should have known based on the recipe) but a delicious and, more importantly, pretty cake regardless.


Oh, and then there were the cake pops, which never fail me : )


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