Manda Cooks: Chocolate Chips Two Ways

Sharing two recent favorite cookies today, in case you are on the hunt for something sweet for your sweetheart (or just for yourself!) Each of these is a big step above your standard chocolate chip, but serves a different purpose.


The Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies are like a more sophisticated and richer version of standard chocolate chips. They’re still classic, but much more interesting. And, don’t worry, you can still eat about four in a sitting – they’re not too rich for that. I highly recommend dark chocolate chips, walnuts or pecans and a sprinkle of sea salt. When I made these last, we had them with black-cherry soda/whiskey drinks – really good pairing (because you can’t go wrong with either). These are also sort of impressive cookies – they have a much deeper flavor than standard chocolate chips, so they make you seem like a super fancy shmancy baker.


The Copy Cat Levains are a whole ‘nother animal. I wouldn’t describe these as sophisticated or interesting, but they’re hella good. Do you even know what Levain is? It’s a bakery on the Upper West Side that has THE BEST giant cookies. These babies came pretty close to the real thingsĀ – dense but fluffy and chewy on the inside without being too cakey. I brought them into work and people basically flipped out – they’re probably the new crowd-favorite.

I feel like if the Cookies were people, you’d go wine tasting with the Brown Butters and watch Teen Mom with the Levains. Does that make sense? Good. Now go make them. Brown Butter Recipe & Levain Copy Cat Recipe.


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