DIY Memory Game

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In March I celebrated the second birthdays of two of my favorite humans – Wyatt and Elizabeth. My sister had sent me a similar hand-painted Memory Game a few months ago, and I carried the idea around in my back pocket until March was upon us. I ordered cork coasters from Amazon and picked up paint from an art store on our block, and Brett and I got to work! Even though they are just two, Wyatt and Elizabeth have become two perfect little people, each with distinct personalities and interests. Brett and I had so much fun thinking of what we would paint for each of them. For Wyatt: a dinosaur (his current obsession), a firetruck (for obvious reasons), our cat Pico (who he asks for every Facetime call), mountains and sunshine (because, Colorado) and an airplane (for visits!). For Elizabeth: a cupcake (her sweet-tooth is something else), a taxi (for our city girl), a Tuna (one of her nicknames), balloons (her favorite thing at the moment), a flower (she likes to pick them on walks), and hearts and stars (because, girl stuff). They are a little young for a true Memory Game now, but it can be a Matching Game for now, or a stacking game… or a cute coaster for a drink : )

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