Top 3 of Two Thousand Fifteen!

Happy New Year! 2015 was a good one, and I’m a little sad to see it go. Brett and I rang in the new year by bar-hopping in our neighborhood with friends and playing New Years Eve bingo with homemade bingo cards. I lost bingo, but it was a really fun night. I had the past week off work and spent it cooking and relaxing. Before I officially kiss 2015 goodbye and return to work tomorrow, the top three for 2015 below 🙂

  1. TRAVEL! The first half of 2015 was filled with travel. I took some unforgettable trips this year. My favorites were Hawaii in January, Nashville and Vail in March, and Dubai in May.







  1. BIRTHDAYS! I was lucky enough to celebrate three 90th birthdays in 2015 – three!! My grandma turned 90 in January, Brett’s grandma in February, and my gram in September. I really treasure my grandmas, so it was really special to celebrate such an amazing milestone with them!



  1. MOOSE! The real highlight of the year is, of course, Miss Moose. Brett and I adopted her on my birthday (August 20) and she has been the perfect pup for us. She is goofy, sweet and cuddly, and always makes us smile.




My New Years Resolutions last year were to (1) shop at the farmer’s market more (which I didn’t exactly do, but I joined a CSA and loved it), (2) drink less Diet coke (which I feel like I did… maybe), and (3) blog more (which didn’t happen, obv.) This year I want to (1) actually blog more, (2) volunteer, and (3) learn how to cook meat (Brett still does this part of every meal – eep!) Wish me luck!

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