Thanksgiving just might be my favorite holiday, so it’s not a huge surprise that I find a way to celebrate it multiple times. Brett and I kicked things off with Friendsgiving two weeks ago. On Thanksgiving we volunteered with my family at a shelter in Philadelphia. We were in charge of mac ‘n’ cheese (used this recipe from last year) and decorations – two of my favorite things! It was a nice change of pace from the traditional Thanksgiving at home, and it felt good to give back. The next day, Friday, we made the usual Thanksgiving feast at home. I made corn pudding and a brussels sprouts salad — the salad is apparently a much modified version of tabbouleh from Michael Solomonov’s Zahav cookbook. It was so simple but so good, and provided a nice, fresh crunch on an otherwise buttery and cheesey (and delicious) plate. On Saturday Brett and I went to his sister’s for a “siblings-giving” potluck. We made roasted carrots and potatoes, but nothing compared to the rack of lamb his brother-in-law cooked up. Still thinking about it. And finally, on Sunday, we had “Italians-giving” at my dad’s house – chicken parm and penne alla vodka!


Most years I make a little list of things I am thankful for. So, to keep tradition alive, here we go:

Brett, my family and friends (especially my three (!!) 91 year old grandmas and “my” nieces and nephews), Brett, Facetime, cookbooks, nail polish and lipstick, Chanel mascara, PJs, New York City, flannel sheets, fireplaces, paperback books, naps, whiskey, wine, taxi cabs, the Obamas, pop music, Liberty of London florals, elevators, fresh ricotta, pepperoni, pizza (and pepperoni pizza), Muji pens, airplanes, Italy, Maui, ribbon, Bread’s Bakery, iced coffee with almond milk, fresh flowers, J.Crew, online shopping, sprinkles, good olive oil, ruffles, wall paper, fresh herbs, rain boots and sunglasses, This American Life, gchat, magazines (I still subscribe to three!), cheetah print, animal shelters, and all dogs and cats but especially my most precious babies – Pico and Moose


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