next stop: india!


Now that we are back from Iceland (pictures to come this weekend!), I am starting to plan our September trip to India. So far all we have booked are flights but I am slowly starting to outline our ten day trip. Top on my list is a stay at the Rajamahal Palace in Jaipur – photos below. I can’t get over the colors and the patterns!


top photo source, rest of photos source

Well Read Women


Some friends and I re-started our Articles Club from last year and branded it Well Read Women. Each month we read the same article(s), and then meet and chat about them over wine and snacks. In my opinion, it’s much easier to commit to and more fun than a traditional book club.

Last month I hosted and chose an article on manners and we ordered in Posto Pizza (my favorite) and made our way through a few bottles of prosecco and wine.

Next month Rachel is hosting, and chose two Modern Love articles. This one, about using animal training techniques to improve your relationship, and this one, about needing to be with someone vs wanting to be with someone.

Manda Cooks: Chicken Pot Pie


Chicken pot pie might just my favorite comfort food. When the February issue of Food & Wine arrived at my door with chicken pot pie on the cover, I quickly added it to my to-do list. I ended up using a different crust recipe, because I didn’t feel like hunting down schmaltz (aka “rendered chicken fat”… um no thanks). I also used just a pound of skin-on, bone-in chicken, and substituted chicken breast for the second pound – was less work and still delicious. The finished product was so good right out of the oven and made perfect leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day.

Pie recipe here and Crust recipe here!



also, side note, the pie crust recipe also makes perfect “blankets” for pigs in a blanket… just saying 😉