Manda DIYs: Glitzy Prosecco “Proposals”


There are some wedding traditions that Brett and I will be skipping — either because they’re too cheesy, or too mushy romantic, or they just don’t quite feel like us. Wedding party “proposals” can definitely veer on the edge of cheesy, but I’ll take any excuse for a craft project ; )

Brett and I knew we wanted to have our siblings stand with us when we get married, but we also wanted to find a way for our closest friends to be involved in the big day. We decided to make our siblings our traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then ask our friends to be party of our “bride squad” and “groom squad”. I made monogrammed straw totes for the bridesmaids, but wanted to do something else extra for my total squad. I didn’t want to spend too much or give my squad something they wouldn’t really use… so the obvious choice was to cover mini bottles of prosecco in glitter, duh! Inexpensive, easy and consumable.

FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender (16)

You’ll need:

mini prosecco bottles
paint tape
adhesive spray – I used this
three colors of glitter – I used this brand
acrylic sealer gloss – I used this

Use the paint tape to cover the top section of the bottle. Hold the bottle at the tape-covered neck and rotate it as you cover it with the adhesive spray, and continue to rotate as you sprinkle glitter from the top down. You have to move somewhat quickly, but glitter is forgiving so you definitely don’t have to try to be perfect. Once you’re finished glittering, give the bottle another all-over spray with acrylic sealer. This is optional, but helps the glitter stay put (sort of).


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