Happy New Year!

2017 was sort of just a high intensity year, huh? High highs, low lows. Lots of excitement and celebration but also stress and anxiety.

It was an amazing travel year for me — with trips to Paris, Iceland, Cuba, California, India and Miami. And, of course, getting engaged in February was a highlight!

Iceland 1Paris 1Cuba 2India 1

Last year my New Year’s resolutions were to (1) actually blog more (didn’t happen), (2) volunteer (happened!), (3) work with a dog trainer for Moose (happened!), (4) bring my coffee, breakfast and lunch to work more often (happened!) and (5) learn how to better manage my anxiety (didn’t happen – just bit a nail off because I have anxiety about dealing with my anxiety – go team!)

The most successful of the bunch was #4 – I tried to limit myself to buying breakfast or lunch only 50 times over the course of the year (during the workweek only). I had a little tracker hanging in my desk – I find that I’m best at achieving goals when there is a strict count involved and when I have a visual of my progress. I did pretty well with this, but ended up falling off the wagon during the last two weeks of December. I ended up buying breakfast or lunch 56 times over the year, but I still consider it a success!

This year, I’ve transformed my resolutions into more of the counting sort and am creating a visual tracker to go along with each month. My resolutions are to: (1) only buy breakfast or lunch 50 times this year, (2) only buy coffee 50 times this year, (3) blog eight times per month, (4) “cook the book” once a month, and (5) do something crafty once a month. I also have this little thing called a wedding to plan… eek! I’m also generally trying to work out more, drink less and, duh, stress less.

I’m kicking off 2018 with a trip to Hawaii this month — Brett and I took the same trip in 2015 and 2016 and I can’t wait to go back. It really is my happy place! We have three friends joining us this year and I’m so excited to show them the island. Planning a fun trip for mid-January is a seriously good way to get over the post-holiday blues quickly!

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