Survival Kit: Winter in NYC


After months of mild weather, it seems as if New York suddenly remembered what winter is supposed to be like – it’s freezing here! And with a storm approaching this weekend (that could bring 3-30 inches of snow..?), we all have to man up and face the cold. Here is a list of my Survival Kit for Winter in NYC.

1. With all the traffic in New York, snow quickly turns to slush, and nobody likes a wet foot. Keep your feet dry (all year round) with Hunter wellies.
2. Keep your feet dry AND warm with Hunter wellie socks.
3. I pull out my LL Bean “Bean Boots” for more extreme weather situations (I have a feeling they’ll be worn all weekend.)
4. And of course, you’re going to need Uggs for your chilly morning commute (without rain or snow).
5. I know sunglasses really belong on the beach, but it gets sunny in the winter too! I’ve been rocking my Sunskis for a little pop of color.
6. Santa put this lip balm in my stocking this year and it’s my new go-to.
7. I use this all year round and swear by it, but I especially love it during the winter when my skin dry and thirsty.
8. Winter in New York = germs everywhere. I keep Purell in my bag and use it (way too) often. But when you think about how many people are sniffling and how many of them touched the same subway pole you just did…ick!
9. I hate dry hands! La Mer hand cream is divine, I keep it in my handbag and re-apply throughout the day.
10. I recently started drinking coffee again! Starbucks new blonde roast is the perfect way to warm up and wake up in the morning.
11. On nights and weekends, forget the coffee and bring me a hot toddy with whiskey. In an initial mug, please.
12. Could not survive winter (and many episodes of Downton Abbey in bed) without my cashmere throw!
13. Wool socks keep my feet warm even when I’m wearing my leather boots. I especially love the pairs I got from Gap and J.Crew.
14. Glittens! My favorite! Keeps your fingers warm but accessible (for texting or a metrocard swipe!). I sadly lost my new cashmere pair last weekend. I tried to wear gloves one day, but couldn’t deal with it. So I’ve reverted back to an old pair of wool glittens for now.
15. And finally, a hat. I feel like I was anti-hat for a while, but now I’m so pro-hat it’s not even funny. Mine is a chunky, ivory knit hat that I got on sale at Anthro last year.

**I also recommend brunching out, staying in, and snuggling up with your boyfriend by the fire (if he has one, like mine does <– lucky.)

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