New Mexico


I spent the first half of last week in New Mexico with my family. It was the perfect long weekend with a good balance of activity, culture, and time to relax.

My favorite part of the trip was our visit to Bandeleir National Monument where we saw petroglyphs, standing walls, and cave dwellings (my favorite) dating back as far as 11,000 years!


We also spent time walking around the galleries and shops in Santa Fe’s main square, where I picked up some goodies for the apartment. We made a quick visit to the Georgie O’Keeefe museum which showcased some of her lesser-known paintings of the New Mexico landscape. We popped inside the Loretto Chapel to see the famous “mystery staircase” (apparently built by St. Joseph himself!) and, of course, ate our fair share of tacos, burritos, and New Mexican chile sauces.

PS I also got this amazing view of Manhattan on my way out of the city : )

photo (18)



Don’t even get me started on Paris. Just kidding, get me started! Because I’m obsessed with it. I went for the first time for Spring break while I was studying abroad. Stina flew over and met me and our week can be captured by the food counts we took: 29 crepes, 14 baguettes, and 13 bottles of wine… ’nuff said. It was glorious. Then I returned for a second time in 2010 with Nais and Lizzle to visit Nils, and that trip can be summed up by the image of us three girls sitting in a bathtub filled with boys’ clothing. And two weeks ago I got to make my third appearance in the city of love…a very brief appearance (very very brief), but Paris still had me smitten. I managed to down four croissants over 48 hours, and smuggled two more back to the states in my suitcase. In between croissants, we shuffled between appointments, walked through the beautiful Printemps and Galeries Lafayette and had two amazing dinners at Le Petit Saint Benoit and Chez George. Plus, again, wine, wine and more wine… and Jack Daniels and Coca Cola Lite. (Mr. Daniels is so worldy!) Paris is just the prettiest city, and I can’t wait to go back.




So I’m back from my 24 hours in Milan! And ready to write a bit about both of my trips. I had never been to Italy before, and it really blew me away. Did you know that Milan is the second largest city in Italy? I feel like it gets such a bad rap for being “grey” and “industrial”, but I quite enjoyed it. Sure, I can’t compare it to Rome or Florence (yet), but I loved the few days I spent in the fashionable city! We spent two days in appointments with vendors and browsing through showrooms, and then our third day at an enormous shoe show. Despite our packed schedule, we found time to do a bit of shopping and, of course, eat! I have access to pretty great Italian food in New York (hello, Eataly!) but getting it right from the source is even better. I had Paper Moon pizza, salt sea bass at La Risacca, eggplant parmesan at Bice, and homemade pasta at Da Ilia. Plus wine, wine and more wine. And Jack Daniels with Coca Cola Lite… of course.


My trip yesterday was just an abbreviated version of my trip two weeks ago: I arrived in the morning, was able to sleep for two hours, woke up and re-fueled with pizza for breakfast, saw the runway collections at Prada and Miu Miu, headed back to the hotel for cocktails, then finished off the day with melt-in-your-mouth papardelle al telefono at Bice.


Milan and I seem to be forming quite the relationship! As long as it keeps up its end of the bargain (mostly food related), I will gladly return.

Picture 1: Duomo di Milano / Milan’s Cathedral in the center of town

Picture 2: Amazing amazing butterfly art at Prada’s showroom

Picture 3: Casual breakfast 🙂

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